Thursday, March 5, 2009

the story of stuff

i was blown away when i watched this. i didnt notice how bad things were and i had only just bought a new ipod and camara and things and it made me feel like wow i am one of those consumers. i cant believe how bad mothers breast milk is i thought it was ment to be the best thing for you when you are a kid even though it is but it has toxins in, that was one thing i didnt believe would have toxins in it. but it makes sense that it would have toxins in it because of all of those toxins in the air that we breathe every day. it was amazing watching all the different things that actually happens to all the stuff and how much gets wasted in a year. things have gotten so bad no one would of thought of half the stuff that we have now many years ago. but i believe it is only going to get worse. recycling was a way that we could help but how many people are really helping with this. only a few i would think out of the billions that we need. this has really woken me up on buying things as i was going to buy a new tv because it was flash and bigger but now that i have seen that i have turn away from the thought of it even though it would be great to have a tv and plus it was going to be cheap but this is just another way on getting consumers to buy things which i am the worst for falling for. i am an impulse buyer which isnt good but i think i am going to have to think twice from now on.

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